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Qualitative web-product aligns with successful business nowadays. That’s why website QA testing is one of the most important steps before the site launch. Techno Hawks company outsourcing professionals offer e-commerce website testing and quality assurance solutions. Entrust this work to our QA-engineers, and you’ll find not only increased business productivity, but more time to complete other tasks. The best part? We give you these quality assurance services at a reasonable price


Functional Testing

Type of quality assurance for websites that considers previously specified software behaviour, based on system specification. Its most serious advantage exists in the simulation of actual website application. Functions are tested by feeding them input and examining the output, while internal program structure is rarely considered. Functional testing usually describes what the system does.

Maintenance Testing

Testing type which is performed on the software during enhancement, change, or a migration cycle to other hardware. Testing is done on software that is already deployed. Maintenance testing may be divided into two types:

Confirmation testing: Performed in order to ensure that bugs and errors that were found previously are fixed. Techno Hawks experts will help you to identify site’s potential bugs and errors to prevent significant losses. Wherever you customers live – UK, EU, Australia, Canada or USA – all of them will be pleased by your service.

Regression testing: Collective name of all testing kinds intended to detect an error in already tested code snippets. This testing type which verifies that previously developed and tested software still performs without errors after it was changed.

Performance Testing:

One of the most important steps in website quality control testing, it gives an impression on how a website will react to a load with a specified number of visitors. The use of this test site improvement excludes the possibility of site overload and guarantees uninterrupted work during peak loads.

Usability Testing

Carried out in order to demonstrate the ease of use of user interface. It determines whether the application or the product built is user-friendly. It is divided into two types:

User interface testing: During this step, product is checked in according compliance with the requirements of practicality for users. The main goal is to evaluate how convenient the interface is, including navigation effectiveness and the degree of information perception by user. After analysing the users’ impressions, engineers adjust details.

Cross-platform testing: Specialized testing type that allows the determination of product behaviour in various environments to verify its suitability to work on multiple platforms. In its use, the platform can include various OSs and devices that will be necessary to run your solution. Cross-platform testing also includes cross-device testing.

Code Review and Quality Analysis:

Systematic software source-code review in order to detect and fix errors, which went unnoticed in the initial development phase. The main goal of this review is software quality improvement.

Compatibility Testing:

Software testing type used to ensure product compatibility with various other objects such as web browsers, platforms, users (in cases of very specific requirement types, e.g. user who speaks and reads in only a particular language), Oss, etc. This testing type helps ascertain how successful the system performs in a particular environment that includes the hardware, network, OS, and other software, etc

Website Security Testing:

Assess vulnerability of software to various attacks types. Computer systems are often targets for trespassing/ illegal penetration. Trespassing includes a wide range of actions, from hackers’ attempts to penetrate a system just for fun, to more nefarious hacks by rogues desiring illegal gain.

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